Paramore at Reading & Leeds

Paramore has confirmed they’ll be playing the Reading & Leeds festival,
They’ll be openening for The Cure.

They’ll play Reading at the 24th of August and the 25h of August at Leeds!

MTV Musical March Madness

Last year Paramore became 2nd in MTV’s Musical March Madness,
This year they’re back so go over to the site and make sure they win this year!

You can vote via this link first round is Paramore vs Gotye.

Jeremy Davis Birthday project

As you might know Jeremy Davis his birthday is coming soon!
We want to make him a video like we did for Hayley and Taylor.

Same idea, you can send in pictures or video’s wishing or singing him Happy B-day!
the deadline is february 7th at 22.00 CET his birthday is February 8th, we will tweet
the video to him and also promote it on tumblr.

you can send pictures to: video’s are too big for the mail
you can upload those to: and mail the link to us!

Thanks in advance we look foward to all the pics & video’s!

MTV’s Year of the Hero

Paramore is nominated for this year’s MTV Year of the Hero.
in the category ”Rocks Hero” they’re nominated with 9 other band wich are:
Artic Monkeys, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Linkin Park,
Muse, My Chemical Romance, Snow Patrol and offcourse Paramore!

You can vote as many times as you want at the following link:
Vote for Paramore within the ”Rocks Hero” category!
Voting ends at January 22nd. The winners will be announced at
MTV Music on the 4th of February.

Shorty Award Nomination

Paramore is nominated for ”Best Band” in this year’s Shorty Awards,
voting is really simple just go to this link:

just retweet it to vote, you can vote every day :)

Happy newyear!

Happy newyear!!

We’re excited to announce we’re working on some new idea’s to get the site even more complete
especially the media section will be refreshed with content and idea’s that are never showed before on a fansite!

we’re still looking what’s the best way to realize our idea’s so give us a little bit of time
but we’ll keep you updated till the moment is there!

and last but not least, sorry for the lack of updates the latest weeks but there’s not that much new’s and media
going on these day’s so we can’t post that much either!

Happy Birthday Hayley!

Today it’s Hayley’s birthday! She is 23 now! hope you have a great day!

We made Hayley also a birthday video thanks to all the fans that send pictures and video’s!

Hayley Williams birthday video

Hi all!

Taylor’s video was a great success! Thanks to you guys!
We’re making 1 for Hayley too, Her birthday is December 27,
same idea as the Taylor video, you can send in pictures or video’s where you wish/sing them happy birthday,
all the contributions will be added in the video and if you want we put your name/nickname on the picture or video!

The deadline for Hayley’s video is December 26th, 22PM CET (Central European Time) after that we’ll edit the video
together and upload it to youtube, We’ll share the video on Twitter and Tumblr to have the greatest chance she’ll see it!

All contributions can be send to video’s are too big for the mail you can either upload them to
youtube and send us the private link, or upload them to and share the link with us!

Thanks in advance we’re really looking foward to all your pictures and video’s!

Happy birthday Taylor!!

Today it’s Taylor York’s birthday he’s 22 now! Happy birthday Taylor!!

Thanks to everyone who send a picture or video for the happy birthday video:

1 hour remaining!

If you’d like to send in a picture or video for the Taylor’s birthday video please do it now the deadline is at 10PM CET the video will be edited tonight and uploaded to youtube as well.

more details at: